Concerned for the spiritual and physical welfare of every Jew in Skylake.

Rafi Rosenberg

I love teaching Torah! Talmud, Halacha, history, and especially Chasidus! teaching one person or to a packed house- makes no difference to me. Torah is my passion! Let’s set a time to learn some Torah together!

I was born on a farm in Boulder, Colorado andĀ  grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Go Steelers!) I studied in yeshivos in Brooklyn, Israel, Australia, and London. After our marriage, Hindy and I moved to Bogota, Colombia as Chabad Emissaries. In 2002 we were blessed to becomeĀ  the Rebbe’s Shluchim to Skylake and have been doing the Rebbe’s work in Skylake ever since.

Hindy Rosenberg

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