Pesach In Skylake

Local Redemption Chabad Style!

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We are looking to “sell” 40 “shares” in our Pesach mitzvot for $500 each, in order to cover our budget of $20,000, but ANY amount you wish to contribute is GREATLY appreciated!

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Pesach Schedule

Erev Pesach – Sunday Night – April 21 
Search For Chametz8:12 PM
Erev Pesach – Monday – April 22
Fast Of The First Born
Finish Eating Chametz before11:08 AM
Community Chamatz Burning @ Rosenbergs ⌂11:30 AM
Finish Burning Chametz Before12:13 PM
Light Candles Before7:30 PM
Mincha @ Shul7:00 PM
⌂ Chabad Community Seder @ Rosenbergs8:00 PM
Earliest Time To Begin Kiddush8:12 PM
First Day Of Pesach – Tuesday – April 23 
⌂ Shachris @ Rosenbergs 10:00 AM
Mincha @ Shul7:30 AM
Begin Seder/Light Candles (from existing flame)/
Food and Seder Preparations May Begin AFTER
8:24 PM
Second Day Of Pesach – Wednesday – April 24 
⌂ Shachris @ Rosenbergs10:00 AM
Mincha @ Shul7:30 PM
Havdalah8:24 PM
Shabbos Chol Hamoed – April 27 
Chasidus @ Shul8:30 AM
Shachris @ Shul10:00 AM
Mincha @ Shul7:20 PM
Shabbos Ends8:26 PM


Sunday Night 7th Night of Pesach – April 28 
Mincha @ Shul7:30 PM
Candle Lighting (before)7:33 PM
⌂ All Night Learning  @ Rosenbergs12:00 AM
Monday 7th Day of Pesach – April 29 
⌂ Shachris  @ Rosenbergs  10:00 AM
Mincha @ Shul7:20 PM
Candle Light (from an existing flame)
Food Preparations may begin (after)
8:28 PM
Tuesday Last Day Of Pesach – April 30 
⌂ Shachris @ Rosenbergs10:00 AM
⌂ Mincha and Seudas Mashiach @ Rosenbergs  6:00 PM
Pesach ends8:28 PM
All services will be held at our usual shul location 18801 NE 22 Ave unless otherwise noted 
⌂ Rosenbergs 2045 NE 186th Dr 33179